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The concept masterplan proposes various activities such as leisure, commercial and riverfront activities with the incorporation of boat terminals with new, immigration and customs facilities. The atmosphere of the “old era” fused with contemporary ambience, together with the blend of various historical cultures will be taken into consideration in the overall urban design to preserve and highlight the historical elements unique to Melaka.

The concept plan also proposes a complete, continuous pedestrian esplanade and walkway either on the embankment or on suspended boardwalk. Where land becomes a constraint due to existing structures built to the river edge, boardwalks become the alternative. This is to enable tourists and city residents to walk all the way from the Hang Jebat bridge upriver near Kampung Morten down to the Flor De La Mar square at the old port area. One will be able to experience a river walk while making stops at various interesting spots along the river. For the first time in many decades or even centuries, one would be able to walk along the riverfront on this route with ease and pleasure.

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